Project Tutorials

Follow the steps in these tutorials to complete the projects. They won't tell you how to write the code, but will give you enough direction so you can keep going on your own.

Intro to Sprites

Crab Hunt

Cartesian Mouse

Apple Catcher

Flappy Bird Jungle

Web Design

Build My Page

World Traveller

Hello Today!

Matrix Calculator

The Color Machine

Do My Friends Know Me?

Fun with Loops

Bizz Buzz

Roman Counter

Reverse a Phrase

Cast of Chars

P5.js and Recursion

Forrest for the Trees


The Fractal Tree

Sierpinski Triangle

The Waze Graph

Advanced Projects

Radians Clock


Space Invaders


Party List

Adventure Map

Mars Lander

Multiplayer Battleship

Understanding Classes with Terrarium

First Tree

Many Kinds of Tree

The Living Forest

Working with APIs


Twilio TextBot

See the Weather Anywhere